H2people helps
recruiters connect
with the TikTok

What makes H2people unique?

Advertise differently

H2people allows you to showcase your company, the culture, the opportunity, and the people via video – attracting better-suited and higher-quality candidates.

Advertise job posts

Easily share job posts on social media. TikTok Linkedin FB Twitter WhatsApp.


Imagine you could ask your ‘key questions’ pre-interview! Receive answers straight from the applicant in a short video. Watch and shortlist video applications. Share with team members.


H2people is focused on advertising jobs in primary health and social care.

General Practitioner (GP), nurse, care worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, mental health nurse, support worker, social worker, clinical psychologist, dietitian, paramedic, midwife, radiographer, dentist, dental nurse, and optometrist.

Desktop & mobile portal

Upload videos from your phone or desktop.
Shortlist job videos you like and easily share with team members.